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Winter: Survival Strategies

The coming winter is going to be long and cold. Actually as every winter in Norway. From my first year in Norway I write winter strategies. This year I asked on Facebook for ideas but got not so many. So here are my ideas

How to brighten up the winter.

Outside activities (for those who don’t ski;)):
•Walking in the park with camera and a thermos of hot cocoa

Learn something new.
•A new language? I am going to read lyrics to latino songs and learn Spanish, yeah!
•A new hobby? My dream is to buy a new camera and learn to take good pics with it

Remix your style.
•Go through your closet and remix your clothes, try to find new matches and take photos of them. Think of new details that will pull your outfits together and give them a fresh look

Cozy little things.
•Go to IKEA, buy a new plaid, candles and other nice cozy stuff

Good movies.
•Find all the movies you’ve wanted to watch, old and new, and do that on long winter evenings: with a candle and a nice cup of tea. To make it better: invite a friend.

Don’t stop the music!
•Fill your room with good rhythms and don’t forget to move!

•Find a new tea with a nice aroma, burn aroma candles and check the stores for a new perfume

•Don’t miss the season sale! Starts right away after Christmas

Theme-night with a friend.
•It can be cooking together, baking pancakes, make-up night, or karaoke. Whatever you like to do – do it together.

New food.
•Go to the immigrant food stores at Grønland and find something new: a tea, spices or sweets
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