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Everyday magic...

Когда в темной комнате, где горят две свечи, играет босса нова,
и за открытыми окнами в темноте видны огни дома напротив,
то даже такое обыденное занятие, как приготовление рыбного супа,
кажется повседневной магией Маркеса или страничкой из книги Паоло Коэльо.

1. Marcela Mangabeira - Corcovado
2. Marcela - Os Grilos
3. Paula Fernandes - Pra Voce

И я себя чувствую ди-джеем из этого отрывка "Eat. Pray. Love" :
"Why did life ever seem difficult?
I call my friend Susan back in New York City one day, and listen as she confides to me, over the typical urban police sirens wailing in the background, the latest details of her broken heart. My voice comes out in the cool, smooth tones of a late-nite, jazz-radio DJ, as I tell her how she just has to let go, man, how she's gotta learn that everything is just perfect already, that the universe provides, baby, that's is all peace and harmony out there...
I can almost hear her rolling her eyes as she says over the sirens, "Spoken like a woman who already had four orgasms today"
Tags: art de vivre, magic, music
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